A self portrait of Izzy, his girlfriend and dog.


Izzy was born and raised outside of Boston.  In 2013, Izzy was stationed in Japan with the U.S. Marine Corps.  After 4 years Izzy left the military and moved to Seoul, South Korea. He went on to get a Bachelor’s  of Science degree from the University Of Maryland UC, in Digital Media. Currently, Izzy is attending a Masters Degree in Fashion Photography In London, at the London College of Fashion.
His work primarily is in fashion, focusing on the connection of clothing and space. Izzy has been published in numerous magazines to include Harpers Bazaar UK, Esquire UK, Flanelle, and CNN Style. Izzy enjoys prefers working with analog and alternative practices such as Wet Plate Collodion or Large Format Cameras.
For estimates, collaborations and more info email him at: contact@izzyschreiber.com